Translating Classic Strategic Theory into Modern Business Practice

Translating classic strategic theory into modern business practice

How do we apply classical strategic ideas into modern practice? Michael Handel, in Masters of War: Classic Strategic Thought, explains the longevity of classic strategic theory.

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Discovering the ‘Universal Logic of Strategy’

“Leadership is more than just looking the part. Ultimately, you’ve got to get results. That’s what accomplishing the mission is all about.” Be * Know * Do: Leadership the Army Way

We can’t forget that ultimately leadership is about getting results. Regardless of your job title or industry you are being held accountable to accomplish the purpose of the organization.

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Culture: Create and Sustain a Competitive and Thriving Organizational Climate

“People, ideas and hardware – in that order!” ~ John Boyd’s mantra

Execution focused on external behaviors. Let’s shift to look at the internal and group element of successful accomplishment of the mission – an organization’s culture.

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Leaders Intent: Why Leaders need to Communicate the Primacy of Policy and Purpose

Leader’s Intent – why leaders need to communicate the primacy of policy and purpose

How do you ensure your team gets results in a dynamic environment?

As a leader you need to be skilled at articulating what success looks like (policy, in our classic strategic framework), why you are striving to achieve your mission, and clearly and effectively communicating it to your organization.

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Strategy: Choices in a Dynamic Environment

‘Strategy, then includes selecting the view of the future we want, creating devices to harmonize all the plans and actions designed to achieve that future, and on relatively rare occasions, shifting to an alternate future.’ ~ Chet Richards, Certain to Win

Once we have an idea where we want to go we use strategy to help us get there. Strategy is the connection between intentions and results. The leader’s intent provides the direction and vision. Through strategy we focus on our starting point, not the end point.

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Execution: Focus on the Path to Ensure you get the Prize

“Great performers focus on what they are doing, and nothing else…They are able to engage in a task so completely that there is no room left for self-criticism, judgment, or doubt; to stay loose and supremely, even irrationally, self-confident… They let it happen, let it go. They couldn’t care less about results.” ~ John Eliot, Overachievement

Execution [Operations & Tactics] – focus on the path to ensure you get the prize

When thinking about the mission, leaders need to be focused on what to do and how to do it. We looked at strategy which is a focus on what to do.

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